2716 days ago
Today we finished uploading system update, so here is what's new:

After uploading is done your videos will be instantly visible at address provided in your e-mail and at your profile page. You can use it right away for embedding or whatever you wish to do with it. However, it will not be published in most recent videos until staff approves it. To be published, it needs to be interesting enough with not too annoying watermarks or anything else inappropriate.

Your videos will be erased only in case that your video or you are reported as illegal, otherwise you will have them in your profile page forever.

You again have option to edit or delete your videos.

We added possibility for you to suggest main 320x240 thumb at upload, however we cannot guarantee that it will be the one published as video thumb for sure. Pay attention please to be exactly the size of 320x240, otherwise thumb will not be uploaded.

Warning and friendly advice: Do NOT! upload anything illegal,for you are responsible for your uploaded material completely. This way we decided to give NONK Tube users much more freedom with their content, don't try to misuse that, as you will be reported to authorities as soon as admin staff is noticed about any misuse of NONK Tube services. Only legal content please!

About converting - you will see that some of your videos will after convert appear fast forwarded, that is because uploaded file extension don’t match our system. Only avi files are converted right for sure, so if you wish to avoid any problems with it, try to upload only avi files. Other extension may convert well, but may not also.

Feel free to give us your opinion or any suggestion you may have.

Thanks and stick with us!

NONK Tube Team
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sissytoddler - 408 days ago
yu cant delete account you cant even delete your pics it dont work jeez
arefa77 - 1614 days ago
Upload My Video's & Photo's Album.
jalalkhtopji - 2004 days ago
I am a new member on your wepsite and found it diffecult to wach a fullingth video so please help me to injoy watching them, and also my membership not allow me to partcepate in the furom (nonker)or it need another new registation?, so please confirm and thank you in further

arvind - 2092 days ago
Samsung s3 no flash open plyer
mort - 2675 days ago
cant seem to delete my videos, has the option been removed?