2626 days ago
 NONK Tube development team was working on a little surprise for all faithful members and it is about to be finished. Here is what's new:

Soon you will be able to search here for people from your area which are willing also to have real sex or some kinky webcam sex chat. Of course, main purpose of NONK Tube stays intact as adult video site, but we wanted to give our members opportunity to have some real fun also if possible.

To see what's it all about, please go to your user panel and click on edit user button. You will see there some new options in several drop-down menus. These options in drop down menus are for all new users that join NONK Tube community from now on and are required to be filled before signing up. You will notice that we are not asking for any personal data, that fields are totally optional in your profiles and you don’t have to fill them at all, just do please next drop down menus: birth date, country, region, gender, relationship and interested at. That’s it, nothing more required and you are qualified for sex partner search at NONK Tube! :)

You maybe noticed that number of members dropped a lot yesterday, that is because we cleaned up our database, removing all users who didn’t confirm their emails, so now NONK Tube community has about 13000 real members. From now on every unconfirmed account will be automatically deleted by system if email is not verified in first 24h.

Now, if you don't wish to search for sex partner at NONK Tube you simply do drop down menu for relationship and pick option - taken. Single is for free people, open is for people that already have partner but wish to have some adventures with other people. If anyone is bugging you, you can simply add that user to your ignore list by clicking on his username and then bellow his avatar you’ll see option block user. He will not bug you anymore. ;)

Bellow your avatar you'll see now two options - looking for sex and not looking for sex. By default it is on not looking. If you apply field looking for sex you will be automatically listed for next 24 hours on page where are listed all NONK Tube members which are currently willing to have sex. After 24h period system will return to default "not looking", so on that page will be listed only people that are willing to have sex at this moment, not members from last month or year. Also, you can turn off that option any time and you will stop being listed.

When you see user that you would like to have fun with, send him personal message at NONK Tube and everything else depends of two of you, skype, msn or real sex, whatever you agree.

You can freely upload your personal videos and photo albums and make your adult profile if you wish. You will have these videos and photos under your user panel. You can choose when upload public and private, private videos will not be published on nonktube, public videos if ok will. However, you will have them all online under your account here, so you can share not published and private videos with your friends.

All members will be notified with email as soon as we finish this. For now, please go to your user profile and chose right options in drop down menus.

Thanks and stick with us,
NONK Tube Team
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sissytoddler - 321 days ago
how he hell can you delete your account
Surfer71 - 802 days ago
Testing Testing ... Can you see me now lol
arvind - 2005 days ago
Please help. Galaxy s3 not play on line video
koyote0014 - 2621 days ago
es una pagina genial
sex - 2623 days ago
It really sounds like a great idea. Love it
luilet - 2623 days ago
No tengo ninguna objeción. Estoy de acuerdo con esta nueva imagen, felicitaciones. I have no objection. I agree with this new image, congratulations.
bug - 2625 days ago
Yes.i love it