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AmateurSexSlave - 2187 days ago
I am posting my e-mail but, "WARNING": I REPORT ANYONE AS PHISING SCAM AND SPAMMER IF YOU ATTACH A LINK IN A MESSAGE! ALSO, IF YOU DO CONTACT ME WITHOUT A PIC(S) WITH A DISCRIPTION OF YOURSELF, I WILL BLOCK YOU! I will never accept mail nor invites from anyone who is not my type. Only Top Masculine men will recieve response if I am interested. I DO NOT HAVE CYBERSEX NOR CAM EITHER!!! Do not attempt to add me on messenger or I will block you:
AmateurSexSlave - 2187 days ago
Well,unfortunately, I have another dreaded birthday coming up in a couple of days. I could really use some attention on that day but, as for now, that doesn't look positive at all.
AmateurSexSlave - 2329 days ago
Well, I was hoping to obtain a real relationship with a nice Arab, East-Indian, Asian, Persian,Turkish or Hispanic man from any where but, it does appear that this won't happen. It does not matter if he was born in America or not as long as he is able to legally come here to meet in person.