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Granny upskirt
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ericson4life - 2096 days ago
Hi Dear
I am Eng Eric from UK, I am an International contractor that deals with the construction of roads and bridges i am into this website (nonktube.com) and saw you profile now and pick interest in you i am looking for a nice woman i will love forever because i am a man that knows how to make a woman smile i believe in long distance relationship because it needs a lot of strength and courage. With due respect,i will like you to write to me through my email so that we can start expressing our feelings together,
contact me directly with My address erickricharlson1968@live.com
Thanks and hope to hear from you
From Engr Richarlson.
luilet - 2192 days ago
Greetings Uranus.
Uploading pics of dirty panties.
luilet - 2271 days ago
Thank you for your words.
Just respect each person's taste, I ask is to identify whether it is censored.
It is a pleasure to have your friendship and to exchange opinions.
A big hug, dear friend.
luilet - 2297 days ago
No offense the thinking of everyone. I think that should be a clear warning if the video is censored or have mosaic
I do not understand, because in one page, considered PORNO, keep passing censored video.
luilet - 3038 days ago
Uranus - 3078 days ago
With welcome! I'm pleased to find out I am able to satisfy at least the fantasies of one person on this site. I'll really love to see more comments each day I enter, to exchange opinions, thaughts, ideas, called it how you want about sex, physical attraction, passion, emotion, these sort of things because in a relationship things evolves from a childish, foolish, innocent love to mutual respect, and further on, maybe a lifetime love, here, on Earth, not in heaven, in the afterlife or dreams. In this corner of Universe, here we find troubled by wars, pestilence, fear, and usually tend to forget how simple things like a walk in nature, a hug, a kiss mean more than the price of oil or other commodities on the stock market. Life is just one, and we should live it. Do you agree with me?
stephen1956 - 3096 days ago
Want to say thanks for posting the granny vid with the young boy in it enjoyed watching it very much and added it to my favs. Am a granny video lover.
Uranus - 3141 days ago
You can let comments everytime you want because i'll read them and try to respond as soon i can. I want to talk with you more since you're my first friend on this site, to ask you things like were are you from, what are your preferences regarding women and so on.
Uranus - 3141 days ago
Thank you! I'll like to believe that at least one of my actual dreams will become true next year. Merry Christmas to you also, may all your wishes come true next year.
luilet - 3144 days ago
May your wishes come true next year 2011. MERRY CHRISTMAS