- What if I have proof that I am owner of some video and holding copyright of that video?

NONK Tube is doing everything to prevent uploading of copyright material, however if you are copyright holder of any video, feel free to contact administrators with proof of ownership about content removal at
nonktube [at] nonk [dot] com
and video will be removed.

- Can I browse site if I am under age of 18? Please?

NO! Shut down this site immediately! And come back as soon as you fill 18. :)

- Does Nonk sites have any forum?

Of course they have. Feel free to join us on Nonkers.

- Can I upload ordinary short video with only ordinary fuck in it?

NO! Video can be 5 seconds long, but it must be interesting in some way. Ordinary short videos will be deleted. There is no rule about it, but as time spent on nonk tube goes by, you will understand what videos fit nonktube style. And don't take personal if you find your video deleted, try please with something interesting.